3 Features of Restaurant Management Software to Give Your Business A Success Cover

All Roads That Lead To Success Have To Pass Through HARD WORK Boulevard At Same Point”

The successful burger bar, a known coffee shop or bakery’s success has an unsung dedicated team working diligently behind its operations. No matter if the team consists of 100 persons or a single person, dealing business in an hotel or restaurant industry is no easy feat. Day by day the sales figure in restaurant industry is rising and this demands for restaurant management software to help everyone with back office operations.

Working with a new platform is undoubtedly a challenging task that you might even turn a blind eye to the benefits that management software can offer your restaurant. With variety of restaurant management software available around, it becomes difficult to find one that matches the requirements of your restaurant.

Even if you are deciding to invest in restaurant management software either deciding the functions, below are few necessary features required in every restaurant management application that helps you to streamline business operations.

  • Data Access

The reports that offers you access to sales, labor and inventory data. At the point when the software has such an awesome ability, you won’t just get the in-depth view of current performance but you can easily compare the current performance with historical patterns. Moreover, you can pay attention to individual sections to match up against each other in terms of sales, labor usage, and stock utilization. Hence, now you can quick informed decisions, as they would be based on well informed reports and facts. “Bolster growth rather than impeding it”

  • Multi-Device Support

Opt for the software that easily integrates with any device and business systems. Choosing a software that integrates with other business frameworks helps you with unified view of all data, i.e. from sale to back office to accounting system. Here the word seamless integrations implies to fact that data flows between systems and you can view the data on any device, ultimately reducing data entry requirements and enhancing accuracy. Thus, now you go deep into data to find correlations for e.g. relationship between sales and labor usage and make every process easy.

  • Analytical Reports

The nitty gritty business reporting ability can be proved as an asset to any business system. As a bustling restaurant owner, you more than likely don’t have sufficient time to scan for data about how your business is performing in any given range (e.g., sales, efficiency, and so forth.) and whether all individual objectives are being met or not. The software that helps you to give a detail report ought to be sufficiently adaptable with the goal that you can set it up to make and naturally send to you cautions and reports in view of foreordained, client characterized key execution markers (KPIs). Not just it saves time but it yields you increased control over all aspects of your restaurant deeds, it helps you to identify early if any specific area goals are not met. Moreover, you can proactively address any issues that could possibly meddle with the development of your foundation.


If you have not thought of investing in a restaurant management software, you need to think about it. Investing in such extraordinary software clearly is the right move for your restaurant’s productivity. Just by implementing a solution that offers you venture view of data, coordinates flawlessly with different business frameworks, features point by point business reporting capacities, and is easy to use by every employee of the restaurant business, you are sure to stay on a development direction.

Restaurant Mobile Apps! What You Really Need To Know!

Mobile apps are considered as the life-line of any online business. Almost all platforms, right from clothing industry to appliance industry and from eCommerce business to travel agencies, everyone nowadays uses mobile apps for getting maximum reach to their end users. Mobile presence is something that each and every business is looking for to strengthen their brand and online presence. The same goes with the hospitality industry where numerous restaurants and cafes are looking to lift their sales, improve brand awareness and build mutual loyalty as well.

You must be thinking that how mobile apps can do wonders in staying ahead in this profitable and competitive environment. So here, you will get a clear picture as how mobile apps for the hospitality industry can help you to enhance the brand visibility and profitability of your restaurant business. Let’s have a sneak peek over those points:

  • Opt for smart restaurant marketing:

All have smartphone these days and we all know these smartphones can help us serve multiple tasks. Apart from calling and messaging, we perform a number of extra tasks just with the help of internet connection. Browsing through different apps is one of the favorite pastimes on phones these days, so why not grab this opportunity? With an advanced smart app, the restaurants can establish their mobile presence in the market while connecting with their customers the most feasible way. This also helps the restaurants in marketing their brand to wide range of audience.

  • Superfluous customer base and engagement:

As soon as you develop a mobile app, it will offer you with unlimited opportunities! You can easily interact with the tech-savvy potential customers, advertise your offerings, stimulate sales and above all increase your brand awareness. An interactive mobile app for restaurants will not just grab the attention of customers but apart from that it will keep them engaged in a number of ways. Also, ensure that with minimal click events, the customers can get what they want. This will not only increase engagement of existing customers but can also add up with new customers.

  • Better restaurant branding:

Mobile apps for restaurants can help you the best way for increasing your branding and attract the customers. Undoubtedly, website is the heart of restaurant and menu is its heartbeat, but to get easy hold on customers one has to go mobile with an interactive app. With the help of pleasing graphics, rich featured apps will not just provide a good reputation to the company, but can also take the restaurant to a new level. Thus, a well-developed app can surely help with better restaurant branding.

  • Optimizing turnaround time per order:

Once order is placed through mobile app, the restaurant staffs get to know what to process. As a result, with spells like ‘directly order using app’ can help in saving a lot of time and getting served quickly. Even these apps records your order, so next time when you order, they can auto suggest the items from previously made orders.

  • Better understanding of the customers:

The hospitality industry is better known for building and maintaining strong bonds with the customers. The mobile apps play an excellent role in that by helping the customers and restaurants understand the better way every time when customer interacts with the app.

Thus, these were some of the factors that one must know about restaurant mobile apps. It can prove to be an added advantage to establish a benchmark in the hospitality industry.

How To Gain Customers Satisfaction With Restaurant Management Software

How to make customers happy? WOW! Something every restaurant owner should explore about, however before covering the actual topic let’s focus on few facts and stats given below –

  • Few Facts –

“It takes month to find a customer and seconds to lose one”

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it”

“Successful businesses thrive because of HAPPY CUSTOMERS. Make your customers happy and they’ll make you successful.”

“Satisfied customers who will spread word of mouth are the most powerful assets you have”

“I learned from my first restaurant: Make customers happy, make sure the customer comes back again. And automatically, success has followed me.”

  • Few Stats –

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.

It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated

From above facts and stats, it is very clear that ‘everything starts with the customer’. Yes, the success, the advertisement and the value to your quality service offered is driven by customers. May be now you are lost in questions like – ‘How to keep the customers happy?’, ‘How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this?’, because if we don’t someone else will. The answer is – to offer ‘BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE’.

Now we are sure you would be stuck to question – What customer service refers to?

Customer service is everything and anything that touches a customer – directly or indirectly. Customer service is more than just solving problems or addressing complaints. It is part of a holistic customer experience that is capable of providing a critical competitive advantage in today’s increasingly cluttered and commoditized marketplace. So how can one stand out in terms of customer service when talking about restaurants?

It’s technology! Technology separates an average company from a great company. This is the age of transformation i.e. everything and anything you want to do is wrapped with factor of ease. So what’s the ease factor in restaurant industry? It’s RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.

Today most of the restaurant managers and employees spend most of time on tasks which are easily managed by software applications. By leveraging the software Penguin, restaurants can simplify their complex management and gain visibility into their data, which helps you into better decision-making. Penguin helps your restaurant by generating KOTs, preparing instant bills, taking and serving order, it dismisses the waiters work and helps you to focus on customer needs. Hence, less human errors and less the complaints. Moreover, it gives you an overview of empty and occupied tables in graphic format, so that you can efficiently manage the queues of waiting customers. WOW! This will help the restaurant owners to focus on their customers and this excellent customer service will be the word of mouth for everyone.

Yes! Today branding means customer satisfaction and this is only possible when you have a platform which easily helps you to create the success story of your restaurant. This ultra rich restaurant management app offers you a platform to make a good name and one that makes your restaurant business image.

Do you know? The stats tell that there is 5-20% -Probability of selling to a new prospect and 60-70% -Probability of selling to an existing customer. Which means never create a bad impression. However, in case if you have unhappy customers, take time to address unhappy customers and do every possible deed in your power to make the situation better. This is not just helpful keeping the business, but you even stay away from negative word of mouth exposure.
We know there are many who subscribe to the rule that service is a business cost, but the data shows that superior service is the best investment which can drive business growth.

Remember, “Investing in quality talent, and ensuring they have the skills, training and tools that enable them to empathize and actively listen to customers are central to providing consistently excellent service experiences.”

Pump Up Your Sales With Remarkable Restaurant Management Software

In this realm of technology, ‘ease & comfort’ are the favorite things required by every individual. Technology is completely changing the way we eat out – right from the basic deed of selecting a restaurant to making a reservation, the way we order to paying bills. Amazing? I know the way technology is serving ease and comfort has left everyone in surprise.

Businesses need to keep on evolving if they want to be loved every time and by everyone. Technology innovation and app integration are no more bonus features – they are the ultimate requirements for every business. However, when I think about a restaurant business, I wonder how they can help the restaurants? Well just like other businesses, restaurant management software’s have gifted productivity and success to them. How? Let’s explore –

Initially, I would love to get an answer for question – does your restaurant has excellent restaurant management plan? Probably now you would look to the smiling faces in your restaurant –

  • Kitchen is clean – Great

  • Everyone is in good movement – Wow

  • Waiters have good tips and are fully satisfied – Awesome

But wait wait…before answering have you considered the sales number? Are your customers really happy with the services? In today’s world, customers want everything speedy – quick order process, fast meal and bill process. Gone are the days when a customer would pick you for good quality food.

We are sure you would be aware about the work involved with managing a restaurant –keep track of orders, customers who are waiting, table management, order process, managing service staff, maintaining customer information, processing bills, and at last take care that there are no delays. Terrifying at one instance, right? Well don’t despair, utilizing a good restaurant management software which manages all the facets of business is all you need.

In present time, you can invite wonders for your restaurant with restaurant management software. Yes, this software endows you with customer satisfaction wrapped with quick, accurate and proficient service for your guests. An excellent management software helps a restaurant by generating KOTs, taking and serving orders, preparing bills in effective manner, reducing the waiters work to attend the customer needs. So, the less the human error the less the complaints. Moreover, software’s like Penguinapp offers daily, weekly and monthly reports to keep a track of your productivity.

Such restaurant software’s are touch screen keyboard, which helps you to manage the orders with great ease and convenience. It allows you to see empty and occupied tables in a graphic format and thus with this facility you can manage the queues of waiting customers more efficiently in busy times. The integrated POS system helps you in menu management and order taking process. The ordering screen includes many utilities and features like move item, food and bar modifier, void items, table section, the kitchen command section, reorder and select customer sections.

The icing on the cake is that such software’s can be managed by every staffs and restaurant departments without any difficulty. It helps you to manage successful food services by reducing costs, saves time and ultimately maximizes profit. So welcome the power of such robust features like managing the stocks, managing customer data and increase the business efficiency. A restaurant software management can stand out to be of great benefit for the restaurateurs.

So if you own a restaurant today and are not immune from these advancements, you need to implement this change to make the most of your business. Just like other businesses you need to adapt the trend to grow and bring in new business.

Thus you can say technology had an effect on every facet of the business, including restaurants. Thanks to such technological innovations, now customers and restaurants are enjoying the ease and ultimately this happiness redirects to great satisfaction of customers and business success.


Indian Restaurants are becoming Technosmart

Indian Tourism is on fire and its success is thank ful to the increasing hospitality facilities and its variety of  food . Talking about food is one of the best leisure discussion that Indians are fond of. We are food crazy and this has all together resulted in the growth of restaurant business. Restaurant are offering a vast vareity of food options and dishes. If you think quality of food and its taste are the only factors for restaurant popularity then you are wrong! Ambience, lighting, technology are also strong factors for attracting huge customer base.

India is one of the youthest nation the the world . Due to constantly increasing literacy rate and empowerment of I.T industry every sector is becoming techno savvy and restaurant are not any expection from this. Innovative and customer satisfying technological enchancement that cut down operational cost and wastage of time are the most important factors that restaurant owner are considering now a days. Their is a need to make operational process from both customers and staff easy and minimal to reduce serving time and increase table turnover. This will increase customer satisfaction and thus restaurant’s profit.

This technological smartness is rising with the incease in the level of life style and prosperity of Indian people. Indians are kown to accept new things and so the case with restaurant technological enhancement.  Now a days technology manages queue, takes fast and accurate orders, enable timeless services to delite customer. People have started prefering the restaurants and hotels that are techno smart in their operations.